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Jaw crusher

Publish Date 2015-09-26
Jaw crusher and Application

In 1, the series of jaw crusher is mainly used for metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, construction, ceramics and refractories industries as well as the broken and fine crushing various ores and rocks and other hard.

In 2, the series crusher is suitable for crushing strength higher than that of 280Mpa ore, rock, slag, crushed materials must not be greater than the maximum degree of technical parameters required.

The jaw crusher has the following characteristics:

1 the world class manufacturing process and the most high-end production materials.

2 jaw assembly with high quality castings formed by forging, heavy eccentric shaft processing, so that the machine has excellent reliability, more durable.

The 3 bearing seat adopts the integral cast steel structure, guarantee and broken frame complete with, greatly enhance the bearing radial strength.

4 finite analysis technology, make the machine more strength.

The 5 crushing cavity using symmetric" V" shaped structure, so that the actual material inlet width and nominal inlet width consistent.

6 is provided with a wedge block adjusting device of discharge opening, than the old shim adjustment more simple, safe and efficient.

The 7 series of all the machines are selected other than the same specifications crusher greater and more durable in the bearing of the eccentric shaft, its higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal to greatly prolong the service life of bearing.

8 the latest adoption of the toothed plate, increases the effective length of the jaw plate, improve the yield.

Jaw crusher structure characteristics

Baoteng machinery production of jaw crusher main frame, eccentric shaft, a big belt pulley, the flywheel, the movable jaw, the side guard board, board, board seat, gap adjusting screw, a reset spring, a fixed jaw and a movable jaw plate and other components, wherein the elbow board also plays the role of insurance. The series of jaw crusher with: big crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, simple structure, reliable work, convenient repair, low operating costs.

Jaw crusher working principle

Baoteng machinery production of jaw crusher for curved extrusion type, motor drive belt and pulley, the movable jaw through the eccentric shaft to move up and down, when the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the moving jaw angle becomes larger, thereby pushing the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate material is extruded, near, at the same time rolling mill, such as multiple broken; when the movable jaw down, board and the movable jaw plate angle becomes smaller, the movable jaw on the pull rod, under the action of a spring away from the fixed jaw plate, the broken material from the crushing chamber under the mouth, with the motor rotate continuously crusher jaw to make periodic crushing and discharging, realize batch production.

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